UGOT Photography is a publishing platform for contemporary photography produced by the photography unit at University of Gothenburg.

Its news digest events, exhibitions, books, research and writings on photography and related subjects aiming to describe strains of a critical discourse surrounding contemporary photography in practice, theory and culture.

The photography unit at HDK-Valand at University of Gothenburg, is a complete educational environment stretching from BA, to Master and PhD-education – all informed by the research at the department, and the on-going research collaboration with Hasselblad Foundation. There is a strong focus on critical photo history, curatorial practises and photography and human rights and environmental photography.

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Exhibitions: Exhibitions by students at the photography unit at HDK/Valand.

Degree Show: Degree Shows by students from the MA and BA programs in photography at HDK/Valand.

Research: Research and Artistic development at HDK/Valand.

Articles: Articles on contemporary photography, artistic practice and photographic methods. The texts are written by students at the master-and bachelor program in photography at HDK/Valand.