IMAGE <=> TEXT #6, with Matilde Søes Rasmussen

IMAGE <=> TEXT is a seminar series, hosted by The Film, Photography and Literary Composition Unit, HDK-Valand, which aims to unfold the myriad interconnectedness of words and pictures, whether they appear in the form of artist’s books, films, narrative photography, materialist poetics or ekphrasis. The sixth seminar in the series took as its point of departure Matilde Søes Rasmussen’s book Unprofessional, which was the subject for a conversation between Matilde and Brad Feuerhelm. Unprofessional is a book of photography and writings about Matilde’s more than 12-year career as a professional model and it was shortlisted for a Photo-Text Book Award at Les Rencontres D’Arles 2021.

Language: English